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Light in the woods

In a certain moment of my artistic adventure, I felt the need to get closer to subjects to paint, neglecting the big picture to devote myself instead to detail. What interests me describe in this series of works is the perception of objects rather than […]

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Sketchbook- oil pastels

Woodland hot colors Landscapes of the soul is the title of a series of paintings that do not need to represent a certain subject but describe my feelings with shapes and colors, give a representation to my dreams, summarize on paper what my soul processes […]

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Acrylics and watercolor on plaster VIENTO SUR Poema de Juan Kruz Igerabide Abro los brazos: quisiera detener el viento. Abro los brazos: la hojarasca se amontona detrás de mí. Vento da sud Poesia di Giovanni Kruz igerabide Apro le braccia: Vorrei fermare il vento. Apro […]

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