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Walking in the woods

In these days of forced isolation due to the virus that is infecting the world, I have started painting my woods where I have always loved walking and staying fascinated by the scents and colors that surrounded me.Now that I can’t move from home, I […]

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Sketchbook- oil pastels

Woodland hot colors Landscapes of the soul is the title of a series of paintings that do not need to represent a certain subject but describe my feelings with shapes and colors, give a representation to my dreams, summarize on paper what my soul processes […]

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Composition with yellow leaves

Acrylics and mixer media on forex board, 50×50 cm – 2018 Ho letteralmente spalmato una bella quantità di Blu oltremare usando una grande spatola da falegname, di quelle usate per stuccare il legno, che mi ha permesso di lasciare delle scie di colore molto evidenti, […]

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