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Sketchbook- oil pastels

Woodland hot colors Landscapes of the soul is the title of a series of paintings that do not need to represent a certain subject but describe my feelings with shapes and colors, give a representation to my dreams, summarize on paper what my soul processes […]

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PitturiAmo, recensione

Alessandro Andreuccetti, artista e designer italiano che rientra tra i Maestri di PitturiAmo ©, presenta le sue opere sul web e su PitturiAmo, un network dedicato alla promozione artisti contemporanei. Promozione artisti: la valutazione dei Tutor di PitturiAmo Il team di Tutor di PitturiAmo, ha realizzato […]

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Nature 0413

Watercolor on handmade paper in Fabriano by Lorenzo Santoni 36×56 cm 2018 A ray of sunshine, in the late summer afternoon, illuminates for a few minutes a tuft of leaves clinging to the grating of the garden. Strong colors, wild, warm, which arouse emotions and […]

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Nature 4504

Acrylics and collage on forex board, 50×50 cm 2017 A nice comment from Arleen Watson “Looks like Autumn has come to this Man’s canvas. Colors, and leaves,bold strokes.. Look at the comments, from Creative Fire Folks… I did not, read any .. I wanted to […]

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