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I rarely create a painting of a mere representation of actual places or objects, instead I try to show an atmosphere, a mood, a response to things seen or imagined. Here I take the journey between realism and abstraction, originating from a silent place, hoping […]

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Leaves and blossom under spring’s sky

Acrylics on canvas 60×60 Many of my paintings are my interpretation of the landscape and nature. My artwork rarely reflects a specific scene, but rather a combination of memories and imagination.  I challenge myself to simplify, to push objects and color to abstraction. What emerges is a painting that […]

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Green leaves and red berries

In this painting, I am interested in leaves, their lightness, their colours, their moving around the wind. I took the moment when, through the fronds, they could see red berries, almost as glowers of Etna’s lava. I was very impressed by this vision that I […]

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Natura in vaso

VIRTUAL ART EXHIBITION – DREAMS COLOR___Tecnica: acquerelli su carta56 x 76 cm___ Forme stilizzate e colori sgargianti danno vita all’opera Natura in vaso di Alessandro Andreuccetti.L’artista da vita ad un dialogo profondo con la natura, plasmando l’intima essenza dell’opera.Osservando le campiture cromatiche, si noti come […]

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Deep blue

VIRTUAL ART EXHIBITION – DREAMS COLOR Intense campiture cromatiche danno voce e corpo al pensiero artistico di Alessandro Andreuccetti che si materializza sul supporto, mediante il veicolo cromatico.L’artista assembla la materia del pensiero artistico immergendosi nelle trame naturalistiche dove è il Blu il colore dominante […]

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Hymn to joy

Inno alla gioia – Colori carichi e densi emergono da una nebbia indefinita, i fiori si alzano liberi verso il cielo chiaro e spandono nell’aria i loro profumi intensi. E’ un’inno alla vita, un inno alla gioia. Hymn to joy – Full and dense colors […]

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VIRTUAL ART EXHIBITION – Sguardi nell’anima Alessandro Andreuccetti, VioletTecnica: acrilico su tela100 x 100 cm Oniriche visioni si articolano mediante le cromie evanescenti che vivono nell’opera Violet.L’artista guarda alla natura per dare voce alle suggestioni del proprio animo.La forma dei fiori si articola mediante l’armocromia […]

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Purple Maze

VIRTUAL ART EXHIBITION – Sguardi nell’anima___@andreuccettiart Purple MazeTecnica: Acrilici su tela100 x 100 cm Intense suggestioni poetiche che si modulano mediante le astrette emozioni cromatiche, che trovano il loro compimento nell’essenza della natura.Questo è fulcro della poetica artistica di Alessandro Andreuccetti, artista che ritrova se stesso […]

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Light in the woods

In a certain moment of my artistic adventure, I felt the need to get closer to subjects to paint, neglecting the big picture to devote myself instead to detail. What interests me describe in this series of works is the perception of objects rather than […]

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